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Industrial Lighting

Our Industrial lighting products blends in with many sectors from high to low ceiling, from food facilities, warehousing, marine, stadium, air & sea ports, industrial production facilities to automotive sector. It provides many advantages such us high energy saving, ease of maintenance, long useful life, job safety, offers 5-7years warranty and many more.

Flood lights

Flood lights are powerfully used in outdoor lighting these fixtures that provide a broad and intense beam of light, typically used to illuminate large outdoor areas such as sports fields, parking lots, or building facades. They are designed to produce a wide-angle beam of light, which can be adjusted to vary the size and angle of the illumination. Flood lights are usually mounted high up on poles or walls, allowing the light to cover a larger area. They can come in various sizes and types. Some LED flood lights can be equipped with motion sensors or timers to automatically turn the light on or off. Flood lights are essential for security and safety in outdoor areas, providing visibility and deterring potential intruders.

High / Low Bay Light

Revolutionize your industrial lighting needs with our High/Low Bay Lights, purpose-built to deliver powerful illumination and energy efficiency in high-ceiling environments. Whether you’re lighting up a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or any large industrial space, our fixtures provide the perfect balance between brightness, durability, and cost savings. Say goodbye to dark corners and skyrocketing energy bills while embracing the brilliance of a well-lit, productive workspace.

Weatherproof Light

Introducing our Weatherproof Industrial Lighting, the ultimate solution for dependable illumination in the harshest of environments. Designed to withstand the most challenging weather conditions, these industrial-grade fixtures are your go-to choice for outdoor and rugged indoor settings. Whether it’s a construction site, marine facility, parking lot, or any industrial space that demands robust lighting, our Weatherproof Lights offer the resilience and brilliance required to keep your operations running smoothly.

Explosion Proof Light

Explosion-Proof Industrial Lighting, the paramount choice for hazardous environments where safety is non-negotiable. Engineered to withstand the most extreme conditions, these specialized fixtures are designed for use in areas where the risk of explosion or fire is a constant concern. Whether it’s chemical plants, refineries, oil and gas facilities, or any industrial setting requiring uncompromised safety, our Explosion-Proof Lights provide the illumination and peace of mind you need to keep your operations running securely.

Linear / Tri-Proof Light

Introducing our Linear/Tri-Proof Lighting, the pinnacle of reliability and versatility in lighting solutions. These fixtures are engineered to provide consistent, waterproof, and dustproof illumination, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of challenging environments. Whether you need lighting for industrial, commercial, or outdoor spaces, our Linear/Tri-Proof Lights offer a blend of durability, efficiency, and style to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

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