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Thermal Control Equipment

Indirect Heaters

Our indirect heaters immerse the firebox and process coil in various intermediate media (e.g. water, molten salt, glycol, heat transfer oil). This prevents the contact between the flame or combustion product and the process coil that is normally associated with direct-fired heaters and instead, relies on convection as its primary heat transfer mechanism. Thus, the process fluid is heated without any concern of scaling or thermal degradation. Crescent Indirect heaters are available from 0.1 to 50 MM Btu/Hr.

Direct Heaters

Our convective direct-fired heaters achieve up to 95% thermal efficiency with safe and reliable operation. We complement our heaters with instrumentation, piping, and wiring; all pre-tested at our manufacturing facility.

  • Glycol/Water Bath Heaters (Includes EG, PG, TEG)

  • Reboilers in Processing or Regeneration units

  • Natural Gas Heaters (Direct Fired/ Indirect Fired)

  • Regeneration Gas Heaters

  • Thermal Fluid Heaters

  • Crude Oil Heaters

  • Thermal Oxidizers

  • Salt Bath Heaters

  • Propane Vaporizers

  • LNG Vaporizers

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