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Processing & Treating Plants

Crescent Engineering provides design, manufacturing and installation & commissioning of glycol and adsorption dehydration systems in a standard or custom design. Our design capabilities range from reliable gas patch and oil field units to high performance and specification off-shore units. Dependable field-proven components are used for maximum performance at minimum cost. Controls and automation design and execution are performed by our in-house team.

Typical Dehydration Units

  • Glycol – Absorption : TEG

  • Associated Emission Abatement

  • Dry Desiccant – Adsorption : Molecular Sieve

With our comprehensive range of design options, we can provide an optimal solution that will meet your specifications regardless of the acid gas removal requirement. We offer units using MEA, DEA, MDEA, DGA, and aMDEA as well as other proprietary amine solutions. Modular and field-erected plants are also available.

  • Amine Units (MDEA, DEA, DGA, and Specialty Solvents)

  • CO2 Removal

  • H2S Removal

  • Mercaptan Removal

Crude Oil/Water separators are available with or without heating and/or electrostatic separation to meet Export Oil specification for BS&W, Salt, RVP.

  • Desalters

  • Dehydrators

  • Heater Treater

  • Electrostatic Coalescer

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