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Crescent separators are designed and fabricated to guarantee separation of liquid and solid particulates per customer specifications. Internals utilized for separation include cyclones, vane mist extractors, wire mesh mist extractors, and filtration elements. We offer separators in both vertical and horizontal formats. Instrumentation is provided with separator vessels to ensure proper operation and safety

  • Gas – Liquid – Liquid (3-Phase)

  • Liquid – Gas (2-Phase)

  • Liquid – Liquid (2-Phase)

  • High Volume Gas Scrubbers

  • Slug Catchers

  • Cyclones, Vanes, Wire Mesh

  • Knockouts


Our filters eliminate mist, fog, scale, and dust particles. Available in vertical and horizontal configurations, Crescent filters provide easy access for servicing the filter elements. Crescent’s filter cartridges supply the specified degree of particulate removal. Forward flow (outside-to-inside) and reverse flow (inside-to-outside) elements generally provide 99.9% filtration of 0.1 micron and larger liquid droplets and solid particulates.

  • Filter Separators

  • Gas – Dust

  • Gas – Liquid

  • Liquid – Solids

  • Liquid – Liquid

  • Activated Carbon Filters

  • Coalescers

Process Internals

Crescent Engineering can offer a large range of separation products with the following separation systems:

  • Separate solid from gas or steam

  • Separate liquid from gas or steam

  • Separate liquid from other liquids

  • Separate solid and liquid from gas

  • Three phase separation

  • Vane separator by mechanical impingement, adhesive mechanism

  • Cyclone separator by centrifugal force mechanism

  • Filter by filtration mechanism

  • Filter separator by filtration and separation mechanism

  • Coalescer by coalescing mechanism

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