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Solar LED Lighting

The solar lighting system works without grid power. It totally relies on solar energy, which is clean, endless and environmentally friendly. The system is mainly composed of Solar Panel, Light source, Controller and Battery. In daytime, the solar panel can convert the solar energy to electric power and store in the battery. At night or in rainy or cloudy condition, the controller can detect the darkness and automatically switch the lights on. Solar Street Lights.

Solar Street Light

We are your world’s leading one-stop solar street lighting solution provider. Our manufacturing As a leading solar street light manufacturer in China, we can provide OEM and ODM solar street lights for sale according to customers’ specific requirements. We have private mold patent products, designed to provide customers with high-cost performance, and excellent performance of solar LED street lights.

Solar Garden Light

According to the specific technical requirements and installation site of customers, we conducted photometric research on the project, and simulated the location of our LED solar garden lights in the installation site, to provide customers with the best solution.

Solar Flood Light

Energy solar flood light adopts LED lighting with no diffusion effect, and high luminous efficiency. Coupled with the unique double optical design, our solar LED flood lights can illuminate a wider area, again improving the luminous efficiency, to achieve the purpose of energy saving. The solar flood light body is delicate and small, easy to install, no external cable connection.

Solar Bollard Lights

Solar powered bollard lights are popular type of fitting especially for landscaping, commercial applications. They can be installed in and around gardens, pathways, car parks, along footpaths, at entrances to commercial buildings etc. Its very easy to install and the LED light output is great in providing low level amenity lighting without causing light pollution. Our bollard light is available various shapes and sizes.

Solar Wall Lights

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our Solar Wall Lights, the eco-friendly and hassle-free lighting solution. Powered by the sun, these lights automatically charge during the day and gracefully light up your surroundings at night, all while saving you money on electricity bills. Their easy installation, durable design, and optional motion sensor feature make them a versatile choice for gardens, patios, decks, and driveways.

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